Negotiation with cryptomoedas: Risks and possibilities4 Minutos De Lectura

Negotiation with cryptomycins? Do we really know the risks and possibilities they bring us? I am willing to clarify this information, for anyone interested in the topic in question.

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Negotiation with cryptomaps: Risks and possibilities

First of all, we must clarify the options when operating with cryptomorphs:

First, we can operate directly with the currency in question, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc ... through the price against the dollar or the euro. For this point, we need a platform that has any of the currencies and this would be based on your buying and selling of the currency.

Secondly, we can operate these currencies with CFD's. Through this operation we would not be the owners of the currency, but the currency the underlying asset. This product allows us to leverage and even trade soon, with which we could take advantage of any price movement of cryptomime in the market. To trade through this option, we have to find a broker that offers CFDs and that within the underlying assets we find the cryptomoeda. For this, we can count on brokers, which, with a long history in the stock market, have incorporated these assets, allowing us to trade up and down with them.

The brokers allow us to operate crypto currencies like Ripple, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin, as we can prove in the paragraph: What are cryptofreaks?

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What risks do cryptomoks like Bitcoin have?

Like any other asset, the operation is not risk-free. The main ones are:

There is no regulatory agency, that is, there is no entity recognized as a central bank that supports currency, which can cause great distrust.

It is not massified, as a result of this distrust about which we speak and the ignorance of the subject, few people know how to operate with cryptomime.
The high volatility in the cryptomaniac market, the asymmetry of information and rumors affect the price of assets, since it is a global market in which, since there are no intermediaries, the risks are transferred directly between the two parts of the sale.
Large number of ICO's (Initial Coin Offering), i.e. new cryptomino offers, in which a large amount of money is collected, although there are doubts about the viability of the new currency in the future.
Several central banks in the world have already pronounced themselves in this market, some report their risks and others take measures such as the Central Bank of China which banned ICO's and even closed Bitcoin exchange platforms.

What are the advantages of cryptomaps?

We are not only talking about the less good part of the asset, now we are ready to show its utilities and advantages:

They are not controlled by any central bank, that is, a disadvantage and an advantage, since no institution of this type can control the value of cryptomoeda in the market, a sign that it fluctuates freely, with which the price is determined strictly between buyers and sellers, without "interference / external".
Its counterfeiting is very complicated if we compare it with traditional currencies, since the network is managed by millions of people and does not go unnoticed.
It has no geographical barriers, as long as it is possible to pay with cryptomeda, it can be done.

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There are no intermediaries of any kind, you can make the payment directly.
The cryptographic system of currency is much safer than that of some banks.

Durability and portability far superior to money.

These advantages cause a reduction in costs and extraordinary time, since there are no intermediaries and the operations are carried out between the part that buys and the part that sells directly. Moreover, confirmed transactions cannot be modified or eliminated from the network, which increases its credibility.

For example, a transfer between continents with the traditional payment system would take days, while with cryptomeda the transaction can be made in minutes or even seconds.

I would like to comment to conclude that the exponential growth that this type of assets has had in recent years has been extraordinary, despite the distrust that exists over some institutions that have prohibited its use. This is why one of the most chosen options to speculate with cryptomorphs is through CFDs, as they allow you to operate up and down as well as manage leverage.

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